Coffins & Caskets

Coffins & Caskets

Choosing a Casket

Choosing a casket is a significant aspect of the funeral process, and we at Grahams Funerals are dedicated to making this task as smooth and comforting as possible. Families can either visit our casket display room for a firsthand look, or our funeral directors can provide a photographic catalogue during the Funeral Arrangement.

We offer a diverse array of caskets and urns for ashes, with an option to suit any personal preference or budget constraint. The style of the casket can play a significant role in establishing the desired ambience for the funeral service, or it could serve as a reflection of the distinct personality and preferences of the deceased.

Our caskets come with various interior linings, ornamental handles, and embellishments such as the RSA badge, Rest In Peace insignia, or Silver Fern. Casket materials can range from timber, woodgrain veneer, and cardboard to painted or metal finishes. For those seeking eco-friendly alternatives, we offer natural timber or ply options.

A complete range of choices To illustrate the range of choices we have available please have a look at a few of our more popular caskets shown here.