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How to Write a Eulogy

A eulogy is not just a speech, but a collection of heartfelt memories and stories about a loved one who has passed away. It’s a way to celebrate their life, achievements, and relationships. But, crafting the right words during a time of grief can be challenging. Here’s a guide to aid you.

1. Gathering Thoughts and Memories

Start by reminiscing about your most cherished moments with the deceased. Jot down the milestones, achievements, or adventures you shared. Talk to family members, friends, and colleagues. They might provide stories or perspectives that you weren’t aware of. It’s these collective memories that create a full, vibrant picture of the departed.

2. Setting the Tone

Eulogies need not be entirely somber. While it’s important to be respectful, a mix of sentiments – joy, humor, love, and nostalgia – can make the eulogy more relatable. Remembering the lighter moments can offer solace during grief.

3. Structure and Flow

Like any well-composed speech, a eulogy should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Begin by introducing your relationship with the deceased, delve into the stories and qualities in the body, and conclude by acknowledging the presence of attendees and the shared grief.

4. Personal Touch

What’s that one story or quality that always reminds you of the departed? Include such intimate anecdotes. This not only brings authenticity to your words but also allows others to see various facets of the deceased’s life.

5. Practice and Delivery

Before the actual day, practice your eulogy. Familiarity will help you deliver it with composure. Ensure you have a printed or written copy with you, and take pauses if emotions run high.

In essence, the best eulogies are those that come from the heart, capturing the spirit and essence of the deceased.

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